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Pandora under full sail in the Derwent" c. 1920 Pandora Photographer unknown State Library of Tasmania image AUTAS001126072412.

Pandora's details, based on data in Mori Flapan's REGISTER OF AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND VESSELS is as follows

  • Sail or Rego or Fishing No}:{2} {19}

  • Material: Wood

  • Rig: Sloop~gf   Rig changes & identification codes: A.b(hgaff)  Aux sloop~bm b96  A.c

  • Type: Yacht   Propulsion: Sail

  • Designer: Hand, William H., jnr, USA

  • Year built: 1910/11   Yard or Job No: <UNKNOWN>

  • Builder: Lucas, Charles

  • Where built: Battery Point, Hobart, TAS

  • Engines: <UNKNOWN or N/A>  

  • Boilers/Gearing: <UNKNOWN or N/A><UNKNOWN or N/A>

  • Official Number: <UNKNOWN or N/A>    IMO Number: <UNKNOWN or N/A>

  • Dimensions (ft)—Length: 32.667 Breadth: 9.1667004  Depth: <UNKNOWN>

  • Volumetric 'tonnage' measurements (1 ton = 100 cubic ft):

  • Gross: Underdeck: <UNKNOWN>   Net: 5

  • Decks: 1Dk   Deck Erections: Cb10.5'  

  • Number of funnels &location: 0  Number of bulkheads: <UNKNOWN>

  • Tanks, etc: <UNKNOWN>   Freeboard: <UNKNOWN>

  • Stem: Spoon   Figurehead: Nil   Stern: Counter Square raked 

PORTS and owners:

  •  HOBART 1911-26: '11b11b12b16 David Barclay, jnr:

  • 1916 E.Barclay:

  • 1930s W.A.Young:

  • 1990s Jeffrey Briscoe:

  • 2005 KETTERING,TAS by  Robert Lord &Deb Mackeen:

  • 20087/8

Fate/Status— Year: 2008  Type: Operational  Details: <UNKNOWN or N/A>

History and details:

  • 1911 second in cruiser's race at Hobart regatta.

  • 1911 came third in Ocean Race around Bruny Island.

  • 1912/01/23 participated in Anniversary Day races on Derwent.

  • 1912/03/27 collided with Aotea in Bellerive regatta &retired.

  • 1912/02 participated in Ocean Race.

  • 1913 won Ocean Race

  • 1916 owner David Barclay killed in action.

  • 1924-25 racing as cruiser on Derwent River.

  • 1926 sailed well during season showing some of old form.

  • 1927/06 passed yacht Yeulba coming into Hobart on delivery from Melbourne.

  • 1942 By 1942 Foredeck raised forward of cabin.

  • 1950s converted to inshore cruising boat,  raised foredeck extended to aft of cabin. Three portlights each side of raised foredeck.

  • 1970s still racing.

  • by 1996 Converted to Bermudan sloop, fitted with auxiliary motor and 1996 still sailing on the Derwent River.

  • 2005/02 participated in Australian Wooden Boat festival at Hobart.

  • 2006/03 for sale at Kettering, Tas.

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Pandora sailing past Queen Mary, Hobart 1942 (David Short)


Pandora getting new ribs in the 1980s (David Short)


Pandora under full sail 1980s (David Short)


Pandora Leaving Harbour, Hobart (David Short)


Pandora on the slips 1980s (David Short)


Pandora under repairs 1980s (David Short)


Pandora under sail (MacKeen)


Pandora on the mooring at Kettering (MacKeen)


Pandora's interior (MacKeen)



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